Reason To Not Be Your Own Builder – Stucco – Corrales

This video shows a good example of why you may not want to be your own Builder.

All of the windows on this house were improperly installed and flashed which led to significant water infiltration at the sills of all of the windows. Some of the windows developed significant wood rot from the water infiltration which had occurred. The window flashing ended prior to the termination of the sill area and prior to being able to properly overlap the top layer of the Jumbo-Tex (tar paper) that the house was wrapped with.

Additionally, the lath that the house was wrapped with prior to the application of the browncoat and the color coat of the stucco was improperly fastened to the home. In some areas, there were essentially no fasteners at all.

When the stucco was applied, there were some areas in which the browncoat was less than a quarter of an inch thick and other areas in which the brown coat was the one-half inch thick, which is the minimum required by the Building Code.

This led to excessive cracking of the stucco, which in turn, led to water intrusion into the walls. Where the water intrusion occurred can be seen by the discoloration of the Jumbo-Tex. It is usually black, see the brownish colored areas, these are the water damaged areas.

The solution is to properly install, flash and wrap the newly installed windows, after the rotten wood has been addressed. We will then embed fiberglass mesh around the house and in a layer of an elastomeric thin coat that will become waterproof after it cures. The fiberglass mesh comes in three foot rolls and we will embed it around the entire home.

This fiberglass mesh and skim coat will serve to stabalize an the existing stucco and make the walls waterproof. We will then recolor the house with a good elastomeric coating.

The homeowner who undertook this work themselves bears no responsibility for all of the improper work that was done, but the people who initially performed the work were either idiots, unscrupulous, or possible both.

Think about it, if you run the browncoat as one-quarter inch thick instead of one-half inch thick, you just saved half of the material cost. And there are people who are out there who will do that, and the homeowner erroneously thinks that they are just getting a lower bid and that everything is great.

Use a professional, you will be glad that you did.

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