Restoring your damaged slate roof – Precision Construction and Roofing | After a storm, there may be damages to your slate roof which aren’t obvious from the ground level. It is critically important to have a professional roofing contractor who specializes in slate roofs like Precision Construction and Roofing perform a thorough inspection, take pictures, and provide you with a proper condition assessment.

Precision Construction and Roofing provides slate roof damage inspections at no charge to you or your insurance company. These inspections take only 30-45 minutes to complete.

Hail impacting your slate tiles can create small craters, which will eventually cause roof leaks. They certainly don’t look like much, but even the slightest amount of water intrusion can begin the inevitable destruction of a roof. Ultimately, the earlier this problem can be detected the less it will cost to repair.

If the damage is extensive enough to warrant your insurance covering a full roof replacement, Precision Construction and Roofing will install premium S1 grade Vermont slate roof tiles, which have a lifespan of 125 to 200 or more years. We purchase much of our slate roof tiles from Greenstone Slate Company or Tarran Brothers Slate Company, and only use copper flashings and nails to install them.

With Precision Construction and Roofing, the restoration of your slate roof will be worry and hassle-free. We take care of everything from the inspection to working with your insurance company, helping you select the right materials, and ensuring all damages are repaired properly. The only thing you need to do is meet with us and file the claim.

Insurance companies typically allow 12-24 months to file a claim from the original loss date. Unfortunately, when a slate roof sustains damage leaks, slates falling off, wood rot, mold, and other major issues may not become fully apparent until well after that timeframe (up to 4 years after the storm). This is yet another reason to have a slate roofing professional inspect your investment soon after the potential damage occurs to ensure your home is protected and covered by your insurance company.

The Precision Construction and Roofing team is currently restoring more than 80 slate roofs in the Dallas, Texas area. And just like these homeowners, you too will be confident with your restored slate roof as long as you own your home, as Precision Construction and Roofing provides a lifetime guarantee against leaks.

Nationwide, if you suspect your slate roof may have been negatively impacted by a recent storm please contact the professionals at Precision Construction and Roofing for a free roof inspection, condition report and damage assessment by calling toll-free 877.519.8985, or visit us online at

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