Rhino Linings RV Roof Repair

Rhino Linings® (http://liners.rhinolinings.com) is more than just for truck beds. Our aluminized hybrid polyurea roofing product, Rhino Eco-Coat®, can be used to repair leaking rubber and fiberglass RV and trailer roofs.

Traditional repair materials like Dicor rubber, Eternabond tape or sheet plastics require annual roof sealing and service, but not Rhino! Rhino Eco-Coat offers a low/no-maintenance seamless, long-term barrier against water intrusion and degradation. Visit http://www.rhinolinings.com to learn how to become a Rhino Eco-Coat applicator.

15 thoughts on “Rhino Linings RV Roof Repair”

  1. I love how they keep expanding my business. Now I need to buy some

  2. If this works like they say, let me be the first to sign up. I think I just
    found heaven on earth!

  3. Hi skullin67, all RV service shops that spray Rhino Eco-Coat are
    independently owned and operated, so prices will vary. Click on the link in
    the video description to search for an applicator the sprays Eco-Coat near
    you or call 1-800-422-2603 for assistance.

  4. I have a park model on my own lot in a fixed position so It cannot be moved
    do you have a mobile service in MN? I have a 40 ft and a 24 ft I’m serious
    of getting this done.

  5. Ms. Durant, I apologize for the issues you seem to be having. We also
    received your email through our website and will make sure that our
    applicator in Texas is aware of your feedback. Thank you.

  6. @rhinolinings can you please answer as to why my trailer is so much hotter
    after applying the ecocoat? You advertise this as a temp reducer. Nothing
    else has changed. If you got my email you have my contact info

  7. The gentleman never answered the last question… How long does it take? Do
    you need to leave your RV there for one day, three days, a week?

  8. I have always thought if Rhino could just spray bedliner on my roof I would
    be set forever….turns out they will. I’m looking for a local dealer now.

  9. Why don’t they just do this from factory or new RVs? Houses? Hey, I want my
    house metal roof Rhinoed.

  10. It does not work, it doesn’t adhere to the plastic skylight and eventually
    within months will pull apart from it and soak and ruin the entire inside
    of your RV. We ripped out the interior panels because you cannot remove it
    fully from the outside. We resealed around all the vents using Ecobond
    strips. Tested it by putting a hose to it and it stills has 4 leaks! We
    can’t locate them so I guess that our RV is toast. The Pit Stop in
    Issaquah, WA was a Rhino Lining dealer and he said we would never have a
    leaking problem again and that he had done several with no problems. I
    called him to tell him and luckily he sold his equipment and no longer can
    provide this service.

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