Seal-Once Nano Guard – Enhance

The Situation:

Though wood is a durable, versatile, renewable and beautiful material, it is not invincible. Its enemy is water. Without protection, it is highly susceptible to rot and decay caused by water damage and harsh conditions.

All plants, including wood, get structural support from lignin, a substance which shields wood cells from water damage. When lignin breaks down, the shield is breached, allowing wood decay spores to settle on the wood and grow into destructive fungi. As the fungi grows, it feeds on the lignin and other parts of the wood cells, leading to rot and structural damage.

In concrete and masonry, water infiltration can cause structural damage. As water penetrates the surface, it causes the concrete to expand and contract, leading to cracking and flaking or spalling. This is worsened in regions where temperatures fluctuate dramatically, leading to freeze/thaw damage.

The Solution:

SEAL-ONCEĀ® NANO GUARDTM Premium Wood Sealer protects against water damage, using proprietary nano-polymers that penetrate deep into the wood and bond to the wood fibers and cells at a microscopic level. The nano-polymers form a long-lasting shield that protects against water infiltration and harsh conditions from the inside out.

In concrete and masonry, SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD Concrete and Masonry Sealer penetrates deep within the capillaries of the substrate, creating a flexible internal barrier that prevents water from causing damage, and allows water vapor to escape.

The Result:

The ability to protect from the inside out provides unparalleled protection and stability for wood, concrete and masonry. The flexible breathable barrier created by SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD allows water vapor to escape while preventing damage caused by water intrusion, such as rot, decay, mold and mildew growth, cracking, splitting and spalling.

Typical sealers form a barrier on the surface of the wood or masonry, trapping water below the surface. As the water evaporates, it causes the surface coating and the substrate to crack and peel, leaving a damaged surface that requires continued maintenance and is susceptible to water intrusion. SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD prevents this from happening by protecting from the inside out.


Seal-Once Nano Guard: [00:00:11] Seal-Once Nano Guard enhances what’s natural beauty by allowing it to silver naturally and evenly without decay. Because it is U-V stable it will not deteriorate over time from exposure to the sun’s rays.

Seal-Once Nano Guard: [00:00:25] Seal-Once Nano Guard can be easily applied using a brush, garden sprayer or stain pad. Our a clear formula can be used as a primer under other wood coatings or other Seal-Once products to ensure a uniformly beautiful, long lasting appearance.

Seal-Once Nano Guard: [00:00:42] If you’re looking to add color, Seal-Once Nano Guard has a full line of semitransparent tents that can be mixed into the clear formula to enhance the natural grain of the wood. A rich and broad array of semitransparent tint collars with added UV blockers, provides the end user with additional options for having a beautiful and long lasting project. Surfaces coated with seal once are easily cleaned. Restoring the original beauty while resisting stains from salts chemicals mold and mildew. Seal-Once Nano Guard contains zero VOCs, is eco friendly and emits low to no odor. So, it is safe to be used around animals plants or fish with simple clean up using only soap and water.

Seal-Once Nano Guard: [00:01:27] Seal once it’s fast, effective, long lasting and safe for the environment. Start your project today and entertain guests tonight. Keep your wood beautiful. Protect it from the inside out. Protect it with Seal-Once.