Sewer Pipe Root Intrusion Points, Inspection on 4_2_2015

506 Arenas St

Excerpts from full video to show root intrusion points:

* Multiple root intrusion points around 45-46 ft (from back of house)
* Almost full root blockage at around 67-68 ft in sidewalk area at junction between ABS pipe and clay pipe.

Link to full video:

Video of Main house Sewer line taken from backyard opening, done by American Leak Detection. Sewer line goes under the slab of the house and connects to city sewer line. Video taken on 4/2/2015. Main points:

1) Main sewer line is around 55 feet Cast Iron. All of the cast iron pipe is under the slab. House was built in early 1950’s, cast iron pipe ~ 65 years old. Cast iron pipe looks very corroded and brittle.

2) Tree root intrusion at multiple points in cast iron pipearound 45-46 ft (approx 5:15 mins into the video), covering both sides of pipe.

3) As sewer pipe had very little water in there, was not able to do thorough leak detection.

4) Last 15ft of line is ABS (installed in 2013). This is in the front yard of the house and connects to city line (which looks like is Clay)

5) Second blockage is at 67+ft (approx 9:00 mins into the video). This is where the line ends at the street, meets the city sewer line on the sidewalk/pavement of the house.