Shed build with concrete block 2 – walls going up

I’ve built the walls up several courses now. I have manually core-filled the bottom few, to ensure I get no voids around the steel at the point where water intrusion would be most likely. The rest will be done with a concrete pump.

These mortarless blocks are going together fairly easily. The only criticisms I have are that there is some inconsistency in height of the blocks, and some fairly consistent dags of concrete at the corners, which often need to be chipped or crushed to allow the next block to sit level.

Not shown in the video is the application of bitumen-rubber waterproofing paint to the outside of the wall down low and the installation of a slotted pipe/rubble drain. We get a fair bit of surface water runoff from the block above us, which partly caused the demise of the previous shed.

Watching this video made me realise how prominently branded some of my equipment is!