Strieber and Bell Predicted Stratospheric Intrusion

Atlantic Hurricane-Force Storms: Identifying Stratospheric Air Intrusions
and the Effects of Hurricane-Force Wind Events on the Iceberg Limit

Stratospheric intrusion vortices

Art Bell and Whitley Strieber Today Show Interview 2000
Published on Dec 21, 2011

Geologic temperature record

Methane Off Switch to Global Warming

Pacific Blob anomoly image

The Armageddon line
by R. Crosby Lyles

Skeptical science – stratospheric cooling image
The human fingerprint in global warming
Posted on 29 March 2010 by John Cook

Fluid mechanic image

Science Briefs
Reaction of Ozone and Climate to Increasing Stratospheric Water Vapor
By Drew Shindell — May 2001

What is the role of stratospheric water vapor in global warming?

Arctic News Methane Jan 2014