SunJack Waterproof LightStick – Preview

Today we are taking a look at the SunJack Lightstick! It’s a 5200mAh battery bank, it’s a light-stick and it’s awesome!


3 Brightness Levels + Emergency Flash. Ultrabright 350 Lumens on Max. pure white light
Waterproof to 6ft Depth
Up to 46 Hours of Lighting on One Charge
Charges up to 3 Smartphones

Mode 1, low power light.
Mode 2, medium power light.
Mode 3, high power light.
Mode 4, flashing/intermittent light.

5200mAh power bank charges up to 3 smartphones. Ultrabright 350 lumens equivalent to a 40 Watt incandescent bulb. Waterproof to 6ft Depth. Product comes with one year warranty.

Weight : 7.85 ounces

Measurements: 10½”x1½”

Includes two lanyards which can be used to attach to packs and so on in different ways.

the end pieces of the LightStick are beveled, not round, so the LightStick won’t roll away when it’s placed on a flat surface.

To recharge the battery with the 5V/1A charger took about 4½ hours

I tested the battery life at the highest illumination level, and the light was on for 5¼ hours before the battery died.

The LightStick has an IP68 rating. International Protection Marking codes, also known as IPX codes, classify and rate the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of dust and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. The IP68 rating implies that the LightStick is dust-tight and safe for continuous immersion in water up to 3 meters deep (note that the manufacturer limits the depth to 6 feet). I tested the water-tightness in a sink filled with water. The LightStick worked fine even under a few inches of water, while I learned that it actually floats unless it’s being held underwater.

When charging a device you can use the light as well but only on the low setting.

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25 thoughts on “SunJack Waterproof LightStick – Preview”

  1. Today we are taking a look at the SunJack Lightstick! It’s a 5200mAh
    battery bank, it’s a light-stick and it’s awesome! 

  2. Hey Luke, i lost my new light on the river the other night,have you seen
    it? ha ha nice review. thanks Luke where did you find it for
    50.00? the link is 60.00 bubba

  3. Hey Luke, how well did the light work when you went up to Wolf Mtn for the
    camping trip? Yes, I saw the video too, but was wondering how your
    impressions were when you used the lightsticks on that campout. — J

  4. Awesome device! One thing that would bother me about it is that ugly
    ‘SunJack’ sticker. Is it easily removable? or is it just a paper insert?

  5. Hi Luke, thanks for the interesting reviews. I thought I should mention
    that I’m finding the sound quality of the video distracting. It sounds very
    echoey. I don’t know if it might help to lay down some blankets on the
    floor and hang them around the set, or something – I’m always surprised how
    much sound dampening even a couple items of furniture provide when emptying
    a room to move home. Anyway, looking forward to more vids, cheers.

  6. Sweet light, was looking forward to this after seeing the last overnighter.
    Seems like a fair asking price for the features and function, being
    waterproof is a big plus!

  7. it work make a good car work light and if your vehicle had a usb port I
    guess you could charge it to.

  8. Check out a Krill light. They are about the size of chem light and put out
    about the same amount of light. The Army uses them. There tough and uses
    on AA battery that last about 40 hours straight. 

  9. Pretty sweet light stick. Impressive time on the lowest setting. I’ll have
    to check it out. Thanks Luke. atb

  10. only thing it needs is something to clip carbiners or some paracord to so
    you could hang it on your chest our front of a boat or anything besides
    having to hold it with your hand the whole time

  11. Love this light it is durable and waterproof it charges my cellphone and
    what ever needs to be charged the light is very bright the only problem I
    see Luke is the screw off cap you charge say a cellphone and ore on the
    move I lost the cap. Maybe is the hat a place like on the other end to
    screw the cap to would be a great add on. Thanks like great job on the

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