Timbuk2 Sleuth Camera Backpack Blackgunmetal One Size

For my purposes this pack could have been slightly larger, but I won’t knock its rating down for my lack of understanding of actual dimensions. This is a good for hauling around a small to medium DSLR body plus two or three lenses and a decent flash, if you have a format or of the pro-oriented 35mm-equivalent bodies, this is not the best container for A Canon 1D, for example, is about an inch to an and a half too big in smallest to fit comfortably into the padded section of the with a attached, it be in a way that rather severely reduces volume available for other little less than of the pack’s internal is devoted to storage with movable hook-and-loop divider panels to make custom spaces for your gear. Above that is the narrowing upper portion of the bag that be filled with personal items, including a laptop or tablet and the necessary accessories for a semi-extended photographic field trip. The will of course also additional if have separate containers for them; the cannot be as conveniently as the lower because it lacks the fabric liner that permits attachment of the dividers. pockets and isolated flat areas abound. It is a very well thought and well made unit. There is nicely placed lumbar for those occasions when wear it as a of the strap handle to carry it as a tote or just it over shoulder with of the fully adjustable straps as External zippers are in a that discourages water intrusion in wet environments, I don’t know how well the would up to a downpour or waterfall hike; in circumstances you’d better have a poncho to everything.

I am using this for a even it is crowded with my current equipment. I replace it someday with a arranged for my particular this will stay in as a very general carry-along pack.

This is a see where the went. The design complexity means that a lot of assembly time goes each Construction quality is high.

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