Two ply paper lath over Tyvek house wrap, lathing information

Two ply paper lath over Tyvek house wrap, lathing information

Hello everyone, we used two ply paper to lath over Tyvek house wrap, this means 2 layer spot glued so they stay together for my weather resistive barrier. Its function is to prevent water from contacting the plywood sheathing and studs. Wet wood will rot while metal will rust. Therefore both must be kept dry. No one wants to deal with mold or mildew
The idea with 2 layer is that 2 layers offers a built in drainage plane for the wall system. So water can escape.
Another reason is if the outer layer fails you still have the inner layer. Plus 2 layers is just as easy to apply because it’s spot glued and won’t separate as you staple it up.

Defective stucco moisture barrier can cause water intrusion in walls, which leads to mold.

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Two ply paper lath over Tyvek house wrap, lathing information,Tyvek vs. black paper, Tyvek VS tar paper

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  1. Hey buddy, those nail are called furring nails. No, we don’t need to as the
    wire is self furred these days. Good question. Kirk Giordano plastering

  2. Hey outdoorsman, Why not just use tarps? They are probably cheaper and
    defiantly come in a wide variety of sizes. I believe Tyvex wrap comes in 2
    to 5 foot rolls of about 150 feet in length. It’s great for house because
    you overlap and staple down, but I believe if you wanted to cover, say a
    car, truck, or porch the wind would blow the layers apart. Best wishes with
    whatever you decide. Have a groovy evening Kirk Giordano Plastering

  3. i was just thinking of being inventive haha. some tarps arent waterproof
    like the weaved plastic ones

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  5. how do you repair the tar paper behind the stocco, that has been ripped in
    some areas, while sanding the wood beams, during mold remediation indoors?

  6. Hey jasmine, you could apply a polyurethane caulking directly over it,
    Sealing the broken paper membrane with the sealant caulking (I recommend
    Sikaflex for this repair.) This is a simple fix that if done properly, will
    work. Or you can break out the stucco to be able to insert new paper under
    the existing. Best wishes. Kirk Giordano plastering

  7. Howdy Jesus, thank you. Best wishes and have a great day! Kirk Giordano

  8. Howdy Jodysephus, I prefer to tack the moister barrier to the wall with
    our hammer staplers. If I need a good sealer I generally use Sikaflex
    caulking. It has way too many benefits to list here. Thanks for watching
    and have a good evening. Kirk Giordano plastering

  9. No worries brother, the sikaflex works well just don’t get it on you, it’s
    a real drag to get off. Best wishes, and thanks for watching. Kirk Giordano

  10. too funny…every time I search for stucco, plastering etc. I see Kirk. I
    was trying to see if it is worth it to tyvek wrap before stucco on my
    addition. Just afraid they will hit some close vent pipes and other stuff
    behind shear walls. Nail pattern wont be visible. what do you think? Love
    your videos, wish you lived in so. Cal.

  11. Howdy Orrphan, what can I say, we get around and we do live in California.
    You can do what I do and mark the studs weather you’re doing two ply or
    Tyveck, takes practice, Thanks for watching and have a good evening. kirk
    giordano plastering

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