USS Customer Testimonial – Ken Adams

Homeowner Ken Adams describes his USS crawl space waterproofing experience.

Crawl space waterproofing is a process of protecting your crawl space from water intrusion through water management.

Some options could include exterior drains, interior drains, a sump pump system, vapor barriers or encapsulation.

An exterior drain system can help move water away from your home’s foundation with the use of grading, drains, drainage board and waterproofing membranes, gutters, downspout extensions and more before it reaches the interior of the crawl space.

An interior drain system captures water alongside the foundation and routes that water away. Water is forced out via a gravity drain or a sump pump system and to a discharge point outside fo the crawl space.

Sometimes an exterior drain system is used with an interior drain system. A USS project manager can visit your home and inspect your crawl space, and create a comprehensive waterproofing and water management repair plan for your home. Visit for more information!