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Do you have frozen or cracked pipes, a flooded house or basement, or even sewage damage? Call REE-Construction at 208-385-9111 for fast, easy and affordable repairs. We’ll help you put things right!

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Water is the universal solvent. Uncontrolled, water causes warping, cracking, swelling, corrosion and deterioration. In addition, water is the missing ingredient for mold contamination.

More than merely installing equipment and taking readings, REE-Construction/First General Idaho understands moisture movement in and through structures allowing us to make quick and effective decisions only experience and expertise can provide.

As an industry leader, REE-Construction participated in the development of the only widely accepted industry standard used in water damage restoration, the “IICRC S-500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration.”

Chronic moisture problems can cause building components to degrade and create a perfect combination of food and moisture necessary for fungal or MOLD growth.

Mold growth is too often a complication of delay or improperly addressed water damage. This can be an underlying cause of health concerns of building occupants.

We are repeatedly involved in the investigation and correction of chronic building moisture problems. Moisture intrusion can come from exterior sources, result from fundamental problems with construction techniques related to component choices such as EIFS, or be caused by problems of unknown origin.