Water Intrusion at Missing Flashing

http://a-actionhomeinspection.com – This is Luis Perez with A-Action Realty Inspection Services; we are going to be talk about kick out flashing today. While performing a home inspection in Forney Texas, east of Dallas Texas, in a home built in 2011. So kickout flashing, I am going to show you a diagram here. So this diagram, as you can see, notates pretty much what it is, which is this little piece right here is. It’s normally installed in the area where the wall continues and the roof stops, we put this little piece to move water away from the wall. So this is what can happen if you don’t have it, water will stick to the wall instead of moving away from it. That could lead to moisture intrusion or damage of the exterior walls. So here we are going to show you an example. Today it has been raining all day during the home inspection Forney Texas, we are going to walk out here. I am going to show you on this wall, if you look at is closely, you can see that there is a dark spot on the brick, see the vertical spot, see how it kind of has a greenish kind of tent. If you look upwards, you can see the caulking between the trim boards is deteriorated and pulling loose. And then we go all the way to the top, we are going to see an area where there is a gutter, the roof, and a wall, which will be the chimney chase. I am going to back up a bit, and I am going to zoom in. As you can see, there is no kick out flashing in that spot, so that, plus the gutter has a negative slope, as you can see there is a spout over here, so the water falls from the roof, hits your gutter, and instead of moving this way, it’s moving that way. That water is overflowing and sticking to this wall and moving all the way down here; which is causing our stain. Now I didn’t see any evidence of moisture intrusion on the interior, but as you can see it is causing a small problem. Thank you for watching this video and we will see you next time.
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