Window World of Central Florida – Bad installation job

We hired Window World to install 17 Hurricane Impact windows and a glass sliding door on May 2014. The windows installed by Window World were not able to pass inspection after 4 months of trying. What was supposed to be a 3 day installation scheduled for June 18th, 19th and 20th turned into 4 months of having to allow window world to try and “fix” the issue’s so that they could pass inspection. Window world has lied to us, lied to the credit card company and fraudulently charged our credit card, failed to return numerous phone calls and messages, they put our children’s safety in danger by lying and telling us the upstairs kids bedroom windows were fully installed only to find out later that they were barely tacked in, the whole window could move if you touched it with your finger. They left our house damaged from being exposed to water intrusion, mold and bugs. After their 3rd failed city inspection we had no other choice but to terminate our contract with them.