Yellowstone Supervolcano Report Quakes Magma Intrusion 3/6

Yellowstone Supervolcano Report Quakes Magma Intrusion 3/6

10 thoughts on “Yellowstone Supervolcano Report Quakes Magma Intrusion 3/6”

  1. Mary, I was just listening to OYM radio show. They had Stan Deyo as guest.
    At 1:15 (approx) the hosts mention you and your videos about Yellowstone !!

  2. Mary belive me or not when she goes off will be mass water ejection only
    person on the planet who will say this lets just for a minute assume magma
    is lithium and heavy water now do the math yes how flood occurred in noah’s
    day just remember i said this

  3. I appreciate all you do for us common people who know nothing about
    Yellowstone Park! Im curious though… with the recent seismic activity…
    is this common? or can this be considered an uptick?

  4. Almost at the very end of the video…has anyone noticed all of the “men in
    black whatever…snow-mobiliers lined up like soldiers. Or, am I seeing
    something that is not there!! Groups of people, I can understand. Maybe
    they were lined up for a photo shoot.

  5. With the sensitivity of the seismographs cranked up, I question all these
    0.3, 0.5, and 0.7 micro-earthquakes. Maybe they’re from the magma oozing,
    and bubbling upwards, but I think they’re bigger than what the seismographs
    are showing. Surely, such small micro-earthquakes can’t be accurately
    detected with the seismographs turned up so high.

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